There is a bewildering range of sunscreens ranging from $1 to $200 from all over the world. So how is Crystal Tomato® Beyond Sun Protection special?

Crystal Tomato® Beyond Sun Protection has taken 5 long years to develop. Numerous research studies, costly trials and formula testing were conducted in various countries during this time. The final product guarantees more than adequate protection against Blue Light (HEV) 54.1%, UVA (PPD 17.2), UVB (SPF79.7).

All protection score ratings of Crystal Tomato® Beyond Sun Protection are clinically derived and proven. In addition to the broad-spectrum protection against harmful sun radiation, Beyond Sun Protection is also Anti-Pollution, Anti-Oxidant, Infrared, Hydration, Whitening and Non-Comedogenic. Each of these claims is fully supported by stringent lab test/clinical trial reports from renowned institutions.

The uniqueness of this product, however, is that despite the complete and very high protection level against sun damage to the skin, the cream is extremely wearable – Light, Non-Greasy and with a Dry Touch. In fact, this is the most immediate difference that you will encounter and is a result of the years of testing.