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  • 5 Sep 2022

    IBR以色列番茄粉只有一 种,没有所谓的”第三代“!

    富含无色类胡萝卜素的番茄粉是以色列IBR公司的专利产品,IBR亲自证明目前市面上只有一种番茄粉,也就是水晶番茄美白丸所使用的TPII 907 Phytofloral 番茄粉。
    ”第三代” 908 番茄粉早在2021年一月就被迫停产,仅存的所谓”第三代“ 908番茄粉也早已过期。

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  • 15 Aug 2022

    Does Sunscreen Help Hyperpigmentation and Dark Spots?

    Hyperpigmentation, melasma and dark spots are common skin conditions that both men and women experience. The uneven, blotchy, or patchy skin tone caused by age spots or discolouration of the skin can affect one’s confidence, but what can we do about this? Wearing sunscreen on your face will help prevent the worsening of existing hyperpigmentation… Continue reading Does Sunscreen Help Hyperpigmentation and Dark Spots?

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  • 27 Jul 2022


    2022年6月28日,MEC创业院长实操大会成都站,CRYSTAL TOMATO水晶番茄6号展位,全球皮肤医生推荐,重新定位美白传奇。

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