Gromark Consumers Enterprise Pte Ltd (“Gromark”) is the proprietor of Crystal Tomato® brand and products.

It has come to Gromark’s attention that an unauthorised third-party website (www.crystaltomato.vip) is passing off as an official Crystal Tomato® platform by adopting the layout, contents and images used in Crystal Tomato®’s official website www.crystaltomato.com without the consent and authorization of Gromark.

Further, Gromark’s name and its actual address have been falsely listed as the party responsible for this imitator website. www.crystaltomato.vip is also an e-commerce store directly peddling purported ‘Crystal Tomato® Dietary Supplement’ products online. This is a blatant act of passing off to mislead buyers that products sold through this website are endorsed, authorized and/or supplied from Gromark directly, when this is not the case.

Gromark would like to stress to all users of Crystal Tomato® and the public that this imitator website www.crystaltomato.vip is NOT endorsed or authorized by Gromark nor associated in any way with Crystal Tomato® at all. Please be wary of purchasing Crystal Tomato® through this unauthorized e-commerce store, for concerns over product authenticity, quality and freshness.

Gromark will not warrant the authenticity and quality of Crystal Tomato® purchases made through www.crystaltomato.vip. Apart from blatant infringements of Gromark’s intellectual property rights, the Company considers the parties behind this imitation website to be highly deceitful and unethical, by intentionally trying to mislead consumers through passing off as the actual Crystal Tomato® website.

Gromark reserves all rights in this matter.

Yours sincerely,
Gromark Consumers Enterprise Pte Ltd

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